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02 CUSTOM DYES ✨send us your white tees✨

02 CUSTOM DYES ✨send us your white tees✨

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Do you have a white or light tee shirt that needs a little pizzazz? 

Did you eat spaghetti and get sauce on your sopranos tee?

Do you want a 1 of 1 piece of wearable art??

Do you want to order a shirt but want it to be insanely dyed?


Good news!!

You can send it to me and I will do my thing and add some color to your item! You can add your requests for color and style in the notes section. ◡̈  please also let us know what is coming in the notes section (size, print, any details really) 


Once we receive your shirt - we will dye it up and send it back in about 2-4 weeks. 🙌✨

100% cotton only! 

Here’s how it works:

1. Select either long or short sleeve white tee. (There is another option for reverse dyes)

2. Pick your colorway (Select dealers choice if you want me to decide)

3. I will email you when your order is confirmed and will give you shipping info. You can always DM me on instagram if you need a quicker response.

4. Send me your item and in 2-4 weeks, I will send it back to you!! ◡̈ 


Thank you!! 🤝

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